Hi, I'm Abhishek. I am many things.

This is a site about me. Designed to help YOU.


Writer. Data Scientist. Musician. Linguist. Artist. Martial Artist. Comedian

I'm good at most of 'em. But what I'm great at is putting all of them together. To find unusual connections and insights. And explore the biggest mystery of all- what it truly means to be human- in mind, body and soul.

This website is my way of taking the best of what I've learnt over the years

and giving it to you folks. After all, the most meaningful experiences in life come from sharing and growing together.

So which aspect are you most interested in? Hover on each category to find out what's inside.

Wanna learn more about living a life of purpose and connection? Or at least, laugh at my hilarious mistakes as I tried to get there?

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